Rep. Jeff Holy’s Legislative Update from Olympia | March 5, 2016

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Can you believe we are reaching the end of this short session? We continue to work long days and nights as both chambers of the House and Senate vote on final passage of bills. We are also working on small adjustments to our supplemental operating, Rep. Jeff Holy hard at work on the House floortransportation, and capital budgets. We will continue to work hard to adjourn on March 10.

Earlier this session, I introduced The Lighthouse Bill which would help create job opportunities for the blind. This bill would require the reference of public purchasing and a priority choice for blind-made services to be added to current law. The current state statute says that all things being held equal, like price, a like market, and like availability, a Washington state government purchaser should give consideration first to blind-made services. The state’s procurement process seems to have missed this component. My bill simply affirms the current procurement process. Both the House and Senate agree to the importance of this bill as it was unanimously passed. It now moves to Governor Inslee’s desk for his signature.

Legislative Video Update

Current Legislative Video Update

My video update this week highlights the Lighthouse Bill and other happenings around your state Legislature.

I had the opportunity to do a radio interview with the KXLY Morning Show this week. It Rep. Jeff Holy as your guest on the morning commute with KXLY radiois always a pleasure to work with our local radio stations to provide updates on what is happening in Olympia. Thank you for taking the time and allowing me to be a small part of your morning commute and discuss where we currently sit as we near the end of session. In case you missed this interview, you can listen to it here.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to all the families of our Representatives and Senators of the 6th District! Thank you for holding down the fort while we are 300 miles away in Olympia. You are all heroes and we look forward to seeing you, and all the great people of the district, very soon!

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Thank you for allowing me to serve you in Olympia and your continued feedback about our state government.