Going into overtime: Gloom of a special session

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We are in the final days of the regularly scheduled 105-day session. Sine Die is shining on the horizon. I look forward to coming home to the 6th District! The primary focus remains on the negotiation process for the operating, capital and transportation budgets.

Going into overtime | Gloom of a special session

Sine Die is a Latin term meaning ‘without a day.’ This should be the adjournment of our legislative work for the session, without a future date scheduled to reassemble. In Olympia, Sine Die appears to have taken on a new meaning. Rather than sticking to the actual context, it sways more toward ‘without an end.’ I have been your state representative for five years. I’ve spent more time in special sessions than I have in regular sessions. And, guess what? As we end the 2017 regular session, we are gearing up for overtime. It is imminent we will be called back after Sine Die to continue the work left unfinished during our regular 105-days. It seems our ‘without a day’ has once again turned into ‘without an end.’

Voodoo economics in formulating a budget

The cause for our first round of overtime is the voodoo economics the House Democrats are using to formulate the operating budget. An $8 billion tax increase, over the course of the next four years, is the elephant in the room. House Republicans are holding the line to defend against increased taxes to compensate for the policy spending wish list the House majority party has proposed.

The state continues to see increases in revenue. This leaves us in the position to live within our means. Based on the projection of added revenue coming in, we can fully fund education and other necessary programs. We don’t need to stick the added burden on you, the taxpayer, as a means to an end. We need to stand behind the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus’ budget proposal. We need a budget that is sustainable, and doesn’t set us up for failure down the road. It is embarrassing to humor the current House proposal. We will stay in overtime until our promise is kept for providing a budget that benefits the citizens of Washington state, not hurts them.

Best of the West
2017 Person of the Year

I’m honored to be the West Plains Chamber of Commerce – Best of the West 2017 Person of the Year. This award celebrates my dedication and service to ensuring our communities are successful by making them a better place. We live in one of the most amazing areas of the state. I’m grateful to call the 6th District home!

It’s an honor to serve as your state representative.